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Our supply chain security consulting & training experts at Star USA are well-versed in regulatory trade rules and best business practices to help ensure your international trade imports/exports are moved with efficiency - avoiding costly delays and promoting customer satisfaction. Our CTPAT consulting and training from Star USA and sister company Secure Global Trade (SGT) empowers clients with insight and strategies that serve them well in daily operations. When business moves this fast, maintaining a robust supply chain security program can be a difference-maker.
Correcting Course on International Trade Compliance
Maintaining Efficient, Functional and Compliant International Operations

CTPAT At-A-Glance

CTPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It's part of a multi-layered cargo enforcement strategy intended to bolster trade compliance and supply chain security. Our supply chain security experts offer a full suite of CTPAT support services that include everything you need to obtain and maintain certification in the program.'


Certified Partners


Program Initiatives

Up to 6x

Less likely to have cargo inspected

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Supply Chain Security Consulting

Our supply chain security consulting experts offer eligible businesses  simplified paths to becoming CTPAT Certified - and maintaining that certification - with a variety of customized courses and services.


Customized CTPAT Training

Our CTPAT Training is customized to meet the individualized needs of your business and its membership to the CTPAT program. Using the CTPAT Mindmap as our starting point, Star USA works with your teams during CTPAT Training to cover all required elements.


Certification Support

Star USA and SGT provide CTPAT Certification Support for businesses of all sizes - from initial consultation to training to final acceptance and on through annual maintenance and revalidations.

supply chain security consulting

5-Step Risk Assessment

The 5-Step Risk Assessment is the fulcrum of your CTPAT membership - and the most comprehensive way to demonstrate compliance with CTPAT requirements. It's a mandatory element, from mapping cargo flow to documenting the assessment process.


Annual Security Profile (ASP) Monitoring

Annual Security Profile Monitoring is required to maintain CTPAT membership. It's a yearly self-assessed review and update of your company's information and security profile entered into the secure web portal. The review helps ensure the firm's supply chain policies and procedures represent current operations.


Documented Procedures

The CTPAT Compliance Manual is a step-by-step, comprehensive guide for implementation of security policy within the unique framework of your business. It's a great tool for ensuring company-wide adherence to the CTPAT program.

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Facility & Business Partner Security Assessments

Business partner security assessments help identify potential vulnerabilities so they can't be exploited at the expense of your company's reputation, client relationships, and business continuity. Star USA & SGT assessment tools provide supply chain security that meets CTPAT program criteria. Detailed reporting and insight from industry professionals protects your organization, your people, and your investments.

supply chain security consulting

Post Incident Analysis

Star USA & SGT can help investigate misconduct that threatens your supply chain security. A post-incident analysis into incidents such as theft, fraud, loss, and smuggling, can help determine the nature, scope, and source of the problem, as well as contributing factors that may need to be addressed to mitigate the current impact and prevent future incidents.


Facility & Supplier Audits - Online or On-Site

Facility & Supplier Audits are designed to go the extra mile to ensure secure locations in accordance with CTPAT standards. These audits typically include review of things like physical access controls (employee & visitor access, delivery controls, etc.), physical security (gates, fences, building structure, locks, surveillance), and procedural security (processes for documentation, manifests, shipping & receiving, cargo discrepancies).


Certification Reinstatement

Adverse CTPAT program actions include rejections, suspension, removals, ineligible determinations, and withdrawals. Star USA & SGT has extensive experience in conducting evaluations of current practices and pursuing various avenues of reinstatement. Our team works directly with the CBP CTPAT Supply Chain Security Specialists (SCSS) to work your way back into the program while minimizing economic impact.


Validation & Revalidation Support

During CTPAT validation, it's imperative to respond with written, implemented procedures for each element. Our supply chain security experts will visit your facility prior to validation and be present on the day of validation to ensure success.

Shore Up Your Supply Chain Security With the Experts

CTPAT is all about ensuring members' international supply chain security measures are robust and reliable. Our team at Star USA & SGT ensures your supply chain security measures (as outlined in your security profile) have been properly crafted and implemented in accordance with established CTPAT criteria or guidelines.

Star USA & SGT experts can also evaluate the status and effectiveness of critical security measures in your organization to make recommendations on updates and improvements where appropriate and advantageous. We help minimize supply chain risks - which ultimately helps optimize the flow of goods from production to delivery, keeping customers happy and boosting your bottom line.

CTPAT Membership Benefits
  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Lane Access
  • Reduction in U.S. Customs Inspections
  • Increased Marketability
  • Obtain New Customers
  • Brand Protection
  • Minimal Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Expedited Border Clearance
  • Front of the Line Privileges

“Star helped us streamline operations while also realizing cost savings in key areas we hadn’t identified. Great firm.”

-Mike S, Logistics manager
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