Star USA founder story

Founder Story

Star USA was founded on the principle that knowledge is power.

More than 25 years ago, Founders Peggy and Mike Easton set out to create a space for demystifying the complexities of international trade and regulatory compliance. Their unique brand of positivity and cooperation helped form the foundation for what would eventually become the regions leading firm in trade compliance. Shepherding clients through the often byzantine bureaucratic intricacies of trade has opened the doors of success to countless clients of all industries and sizes. The Eastons created a culture of success through collaboration at Star USA that continues today.

Our Leadership Team
Star USA team

Star USA Culture

Success in the international trade sector is always a team effort. That's why we invest a great deal of time into creating a workplace culture that empowers an enthusiastic, creative and skilled workforce. For us, this is more than merely a job. We seek staffers who are not only adept but passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. Collaboration is of the most powerful tools in our arsenal, and we utilize it at every opportunity. We're the trade experts, but our clients call the shots.

Star USA is dedicated to a uniquely inclusive approach to international trade that promotes a workplace that is both positive and productive. Our steady foundation of consistency, equity, andĀ  ingenuity ultimately yields superior client results.

Star USA

Corporate Citizenship

We believe in trying to create positive change in your community. Star USA promotes personal growth, charitable acts, and empowerment of the individual through giving and doing. We donate and encourage others to donate and speak out.

We believe in the power of creativity to help people sharpen their talents and build the critical life skills to help them thrive.

We want our team at Star USA to be part of the most exciting changes in our community.

Not everything that counts can be counted