The global plastic market is one of the economy's largest sectors, valued at roughly $600 billion, employing nearly 1 million workers, and expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 3-5% between 2022 and 2030, according to the Plastics Industry Association. When it comes to import export compliance for the plastics industry, there are many international regulations for plastics companies. Specific requirements for classifications, duty mitigation programs, and free trade agreements can be challenging to navigate. Star USA's international trade management consulting experts provide customized solutions for plastics industry companies.


The global chemical industry (minus pharmaceuticals) is valued somewhere around $586 billion, with China being the world's largest chemicals market. Although chemical companies come in a large range of sizes, many face constant regulatory challenges such as anti-dumping duty actions, non-tariff trade barriers, product classification complications, and more. Given that chemicals are so price sensitive (especially in the commodity markets), any freight and duty cost price fluctuations can impact profitability. Our import export compliance consulting team at Star USA can help with customs planning for chemical companies.


Our trade compliance consulting professionals at Star USA help aerospace companies fly through customs with import export compliance solutions. The global aerospace market is valued at approximately $300 billion. Product classification, import/export compliance, licensing, trade preference programs, duty mitigation, and supply chain security are areas where our team can help - either consulting, training, or some combination of both.


Star USA's global trade compliance consulting and training helps keep the automotive industry rolling along. Shifting trade compliance rules and environments can complicate global automotive supply chains. Import/export compliance consultants help automotive clients keep pace with fast-paced regulatory changes that can have major supply chain impacts to their operations. We help with duty mitigation, trade preference programs, and product classification.


Star USA offers import/export compliance services and support at the speed of technology. Tech companies of all sizes and sectors have always had to fight to succeed in fiercely competitive, fast-growing markets, with the global IT industry spending hovering somewhere around $5.3 trillion annually. The U.S. maintains a stronghold as a global leader in innovation and delivery of data-driven products and services - but barriers to tech industry trade can impede growth, profits, and supply chain efficiency. We help tech industry clients with denied party screening, export licensing, classification and more.