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Reactive export compliance programs are not viable. To succeed, firms must proactively implement and execute a robust and comprehensive strategy. At Star USA, we provide top-tier export compliance training and consulting, as well as comprehensive solutions to navigate regulatory requirements, manage your export footprint, and maximize your global opportunities.
Correcting Course on International Trade Compliance
Maintaining Efficient, Functional and Compliant International Operations

Export Compliance Training Services Include:

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HTS & ECCN Classification

We provide organizations with fully managed HTS Classification programs, whether broad scale, ad-hoc, or ongoing support for import, export, free trade agreements, and more. Our process includes industry expertise, professional opinions, CROSS Rulings, accurate recordkeeping, and system updates.

Lean more about our classification services here.

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Denied Party Screening

Denied party screening applies to you.  Don't gamble with your export privileges by thinking "one-size-fits-all"  when it comes to screening.  Instead, consider the concept of smarter screening.  Star USA considers your business model and incorporates the Best Practices factors to fit your organization's needs.

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Export Licenses

Star USA makes complicated processes easy to understand - and execute. With decades of experience, we'll work with you to determine if a license is required. If so, we'll aid clients in the process of facilitating a license.

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Duty Drawback

Determine if you're eligible for a portion of the over $2 billion dollars per year of unclaimed refunds from U.S. Customs. If you qualify, we will set up your program and manage it.

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Free Trade Agreements

Our teams and tooling stay ahead of the curve and allow for end-to-end Free Trade Agreement support and management. We keep up with the ever-changing landscape, so you don't have to.

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Internal Audit

We help define and customize audit processes carried out internally by your staff or administered directly by our trained auditors.


Expert guidance when buying and selling internationally.

8 Key Elements of an Export Compliance Program (ECP)


Complimentary Consultation

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. This opportunity creates a space for you to ask important questions and learn from our experts & industry veterans. During the consultation we'll learn more about your operations, listen to your concerns, and provide useful answers to your questions. Let us help you maximize the return on your global trade compliance program investment and continue to be a leader in your industry.

Partnering with Star comes with access to decades of real-world knowledge & experience to anticipate, diagnose and solve issues relating to the customs clearance and global delivery of imported/exported merchandise.


Star maintains a deep understanding of the complexities of our clients' needs and risk profiles. Our compliance services are aligned to your needs and, most importantly, assembled to address those needs comprehensively.


Star USA acts on your behalf as your highly skilled and experienced employees providing comprehensive solutions to navigate regulatory requirements, manage your import/export footprint, and maximize your global opportunities.



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