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Our dedicated team excels in export compliance services, offering strategic guidance to streamline your international operations. By meticulously navigating export regulations, we safeguard your supply chain, minimize risks, and empower your business to thrive in the global market.

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Unlock new international opportunities and confidently expand your reach with our export compliance expertise, ensuring seamless and lucrative global trade.

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Count on Star USA to safeguard your business from potential export risks, offering expert guidance to ensure compliance and protect your bottom line.

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Optimize your export operations with Star USA, where strategic efficiency meets compliance excellence, propelling your business toward unparalleled global success.

Areas We Help Clients with Export Compliance

ACE Setup & Training

Optimize compliance efficiencies with tactically administered ACE setup and support, reducing risks and increasing savings.

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Compliance Audits

Ensure compliance excellence through meticulous audits – Star USA conducts thorough assessments to identify areas for improvement and fortify your export compliance stance.

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Ensure seamless adherence to Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) with Star USA's expert guidance.

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Export Controls

Our experts provide strategic guidance on export controls, helping you understand and adhere to regulations, minimizing risks and ensuring a smooth international trade experience.

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Export Control Classification (ECCN)

Navigate the intricacies of export controls with our expertise in ECCN classification, ensuring compliance with U.S. regulations.

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Export Licenses

Unlock global opportunities with precision – Star USA specializes in securing the right licenses for your exports, facilitating smooth international transactions.

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Exporter Scorecard

Efficiently evaluate and benchmark your international operations using our Scorecard to establish a comprehensive compliance baseline and gain strategic insights for optimal global trade management.

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Incoterms® 2020

Our expertise empowers you to choose the right terms, ensuring smooth operations, reducing risks, and enhancing the competitiveness of your global ventures. Navigate the complexities of cross-border trade with confidence and precision.

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New Exporter Setup

Our Exporter Setup expertise provides comprehensive support for new exporters, streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and setting the foundation for successful global ventures.

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Policies & Procedures

Crafting detailed compliance manuals and procedures tailored to your business, we ensure clarity and adherence to regulations, minimizing risks and streamlining your operations.

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Sanctions & Embargoes

With a keen understanding of global sanctions, we guide businesses in navigating complexities, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding against potential risks associated with embargoes.

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Schedule B Classification

Ensure accurate international trade documentation with precise Schedule B classification, optimizing compliance and facilitating smooth cross-border transactions.

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Service Provider Management

Efficiently coordinate and oversee your service providers to streamline your supply chain and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

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Supply Chain Security

Enhance the security of your supply chain globally – Star USA fortifies your export processes, ensuring the integrity and safety of your supply network.

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Empower your team with specialized training to navigate complex export compliance regulations and best practices.

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Ensure seamless compliance with USMCA regulations through streamlined documentation and efficient international transactions. Elevate your trade operations with our expert guidance.

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Voluntary Self-Disclosure

Navigating the complexities of voluntary self-disclosures, we assist in presenting accurate information to authorities, fostering transparency, and facilitating expedited resolutions.

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Export Compliance

Navigating the power of export compliance isn't just a requirement—it's the key to unlocking unparalleled global prosperity. Partner with Star USA and discover the strategic edge that compliance excellence provides, ensuring your business thrives in the complexities of the international market.


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We provide expert guidance to navigate international trade regulations and optimize your operations.


Our end-to-end management ensures streamlined, cost-effective, and compliant global operations.


Empower your team with customized training to thrive in the global marketplace.


Export Compliance
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Concerned about the return on your consultation investment? You’re not alone. At Star USA, we’re driven by delivering real, measurable value. Our expertise isn’t just about offering recommendations; it’s about executing strategies that drive revenue growth, cost savings, and long-term success. We’re committed to helping you not only justify your investment but also propel your business to new heights, ensuring that our collaboration results in a positive impact on your bottom line.

Export Compliance for Global Success

Unlock the full potential of international trade with Star USA's Export Compliance expertise. Our seasoned professionals guide you through the intricacies of global regulations, ensuring seamless operations, minimized risks, and a pathway to flourishing in the global marketplace. From navigating regulatory landscapes to harnessing strategic advantages, we empower your business to thrive across borders.

CTPAT Certification

Elevate your supply chain security with CTPAT Certification - safeguard your trade operations today!

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Get a clear assessment of your trade compliance with our Scorecard - start optimizing your operations now!