Classification Services

We provide product classification services and training for import and export clients across the globe in a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, plastics, chemicals & tech.
Our extensive knowledge and experience with item classification helps expedite the process while also ensuring it's done correctly. Star USA's strategic approach allows your team to focus instead on core operational priorities.
Correcting Course on International Trade Compliance
Maintaining Efficient, Functional and Compliant International Operations

Classification Service Process


Project Start

product classification services training

1. Initial Meeting

  • Meet key stakeholders
  • Facility Tour (optional)
  • Review procurement, manufacturing processes
  • Clarify data sources, communication channels & targets
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2. Establish Classification Methodology

  • Item groups & baselines
  • Details from key contacts
product classification services training

3. Classify Items

  • Apply methodology to item groups by HTS
  • Subheading: manufactured & purchased items
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4. Deliver Classification Matrix

  • Product, description, classification & supplier instructions & guidelines for applying data

Project Completion

"Star's training is the most comprehensive in the industry, and helped me get my Broker's license. Very happy!"

Debbie R., Compliance Manager, North America
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