Support at the speed of technology. Denied party screening, export licensing, classification – it’s all part of what you’ll find in the support at Star USA and with our international trade consulting technology services.
Correcting Course on International Trade Compliance
Maintaining Efficient, Functional and Compliant International Operations
Star USA is a premier provider of international trade consulting technology services. With a broader range of trends through global market access, your focus needs to be on continuing the quality, design, and product development improvements that help you grow your business. Use trade strategy planning to streamline your international buy & sell efforts in the tech sector.

International Trade Consulting Technology Services

HTSUS & HTSCA Classification

We provide organizations with fully managed HTS Classification programs, whether broad scale, ad-hoc, or ongoing support for import, export, free trade agreements, and more. Our process includes industry expertise, professional opinions, CROSS Rulings, accurate recordkeeping, and system updates.

Learn more about our classification services here.

Leveraging Big Data

Leverage the data gleaned in our international trade consulting technology services to find errors and inefficiencies hiding in compliance – whether on your customs entry, in your supply chain, or in your systems of record. Errors and mistakes of fact pose considerable risk to sustainable operations, while new cost-saving opportunities may be lurking in plain sight.

Internal Audits

We help define and customize audit processes carried out internally by your staff or administered directly by our trained auditors.

Customs Rulings

Customs rulings are binding administrative decisions issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) pursuant to 19 C.F.R. Part 177. Rulings may address customs related matters, including United States tariff classification, marking, and valuation. Rulings may only be prospective and in response to a ruling request.

Additional Areas of Expertise Include

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19 U.S.C. 1514, Protest Against Decisions of Customs Service provides the legal vehicle for importers and interested parties to administratively contest CBP decisions related to imported merchandise. Our team experience runs deep in dealing with challenges from customs authorities. We have experience in writing, supporting, and submitting successful protests.

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Prior Disclosure

19 C.F.R. § 162.74 Prior Disclosure provides the legal basis for proactively addressing and resolving these errors, with the goal of eliminating fines and penalties as a result. We help recognize, plan, and resolve these errors through coordination with your teams and legal counsel, and liaising with the Customs Commissioner and the Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Port Officers.

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Reconciliation allows the importer, using reasonable care, to file entry summaries with CBP with the best available information, with the mutual understanding that certain elements, such as the declared value, remain unconfirmed. Generally there are two challenges: first is getting approved to enter the Reconciliation program, while the second is actually performing the Reconciliation process.

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The Customs Valuation Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) sets out a fair, uniform and neutral system for determining the value of imported goods on which customs officials levy duties. This system bars the use of arbitrary or fictitious customs values.

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Free Trade Agreements

Our teams and tooling stay ahead of the curve and allow for end-to-end FTA support and management. We keep up with the ever-changing landscape, so you don’t have to.

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Duty Drawback

Determine if you’re eligible for a portion of the over $2 billion dollars per year of unclaimed refunds from U.S. Customs. If you qualify, we will set up your program and manage it.

"Star's training is the most comprehensive in the industry, and helped me get my Broker's license. Very happy!"

Debbie R., Compliance Manager, North America
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