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Our dedicated team of international trade experts provides import compliance training & consulting to clients seeking to create, transform, or realign their legacy compliance programs. Deviation from customs compliance rules can disrupt an entire supply chain - and it’s the importer of record who shoulders the bulk of the responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen. By guiding clients through the complexities and challenges of import laws, Star USA helps steer clients well clear of potential pitfalls while also unlocking opportunities to carve out key competitive advantages.
Correcting Course on International Trade Compliance
Maintaining Efficient, Functional and Compliant International Operations

Import Compliance Services Include

Customized Import Compliance Training & Consulting Solutions

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International trade is no easy task. Import laws can be convoluted and tough to clarify. Star USA's customized import compliance training & consulting services are pivotal in helping clients simplify their processes and maximize efficiency. Our services can be stand-alone or act as a buoy to your existing, in-house compliance team.

Companies trust Star USA to create and fine-tune robust import compliance plans that identify and close gaps, mitigate risks and costs, and empower employees. Our international trade experts offer an important safety net to help prevent expensive bureaucratic entanglements and regulatory hassles.


Expert guidance when buying and selling internationally.

“Star helped us streamline operations while also realizing cost savings in key areas we hadn’t identified. Great firm.”

-Mike S, Logistics manager
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