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Experience immersive, hands-on training at your location that elevates your team’s expertise by leveraging solutions tailored to your specific needs. At Star USA, our custom training programs are all about precision and results. We believe that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to international trade education. That’s why we tailor our training to your unique needs, focusing on the topics, formats, and schedules that align with your organization’s goals. From compliance intricacies to supply chain optimization, our custom training equips your team with the specialized knowledge needed to excel in the global marketplace.

Custom Expertise

Bid farewell to generic programs and embrace a precise learning experience that equips your team with the indispensable skills essential for success in the intricate world of international trade.

Flexibility & Convenience

Choose the formats and schedules that suit your team, from on-site workshops to online courses. Gain knowledge without disrupting daily operations—seamless learning integrated into your workflow.

Practical Application

Pick from topics directly relevant to your daily challenges, enabling your team to apply learnings from day one. Drive tangible results and a swift return on your training investment—learning with immediate implementation for success.

Live Training Areas

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HTS Classification

HTS Classification

Discover the power of hands-on learning with Star USA's custom product classification training. Unlike traditional approaches, our experts delve into real-world examples from your industry, demystifying the complexities of Harmonized System (HS) and Schedule B classification. This tailored training equips your team with practical insights, making your product classification process not just accurate but also more efficient. Elevate your compliance game with precision and confidence.

Star USA Live Training - Import Compliance

Import Compliance

Import Compliance

Experience live import compliance training like never before with Star USA. Our sessions go beyond theory, immersing your team in practical insights tailored to your industry. Through real-world scenarios, our experts guide you in mastering the complexities of import regulations. Gain the skills to navigate challenges seamlessly and elevate your import processes with precision and confidence. Contact us to transform your team into compliance experts.

Star USA Live Training - Export Compliance

Export Compliance

Export Compliance

Unlock the power of live export compliance training with Star USA. Our tailored sessions move beyond the basics, offering hands-on experiences customized to your industry. Navigate the intricacies of export regulations with real-world scenarios led by our experts. From documentation to strategy, our training equips your team with the skills to streamline export processes and ensure regulatory adherence. Connect with us to elevate your team's expertise in export compliance.

Star USA Live Training - Incoterms 2020



Uncover the nuances of INCOTERMS 2020 through Star USA's live training. Tailored for both buyers and sellers, our sessions go beyond the fundamentals, immersing you in hands-on experiences designed for your specific industry. Led by experts, our training addresses real-world scenarios, from intricate documentation details to strategic compliance approaches. Elevate your team's competence and connect with us to redefine your mastery of international trade intricacies.

Star USA Live Training - USMCA



Elevate your team's expertise with Star USA's live training on USMCA. Our customized sessions transcend the theoretical, providing hands-on experiences tailored to your industry. Dive into the intricacies of USMCA compliance led by our experts, navigating real-world scenarios. From documentation insights to strategic compliance approaches, our training equips your team with the skills to navigate USMCA requirements seamlessly. Connect with us to enhance your team's proficiency in USMCA compliance.

Star USA Live Training - CTPAT



Enhance your supply chain security with Star USA's live CTPAT training. Our dynamic sessions delve into the intricacies of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, providing actionable insights for importers and exporters alike. Led by seasoned experts, our training offers real-world scenarios to fortify your team's understanding of CTPAT requirements. Connect with us to fortify your supply chain and ensure compliance with CTPAT standards.

Star USA Live Training - Export Controls

Export Controls

Export Controls

Elevate your team's knowledge of export controls with Star USA's live training. Beyond theory, our sessions offer hands-on experiences tailored to your industry. Dive deep into the complexities of export control regulations, guided by our experts through real-world scenarios. From compliance strategies to documentation, our training equips your team to navigate export controls seamlessly. Connect with us to empower your team with expertise in export compliance.

Star USA Live Training - Country of Origin

Country Of Origin

Country Of Origin

Our personalized sessions transcend theoretical concepts, providing immersive experiences crafted specifically for your industry. Dive deep into the intricate world of origin determination alongside our seasoned experts, navigating real-world scenarios to enhance practical understanding. From honing compliance strategies to mastering the nuances of documentation, our training ensures your team is well-equipped to handle the challenges of country of origin with precision.

Star USA Live Training - Sanctions



Support your team with comprehensive live training on sanctions by Star USA. Delve into real-world applications, from understanding sanction regimes to implementing robust compliance strategies. Our experts guide you through the complexities, ensuring your team is well-equipped to navigate global trade while adhering to sanction regulations. Elevate your understanding of sanctions—connect with us to schedule your tailored training session today.

Star USA Live Training - Trade Documents

Trade Documents

Trade Documents

Immerse yourselves in practical, real-world applications, from mastering the intricacies of various trade documents to implementing robust compliance strategies. Our seasoned experts guide you through the complexities of documentation, ensuring your team is well-prepared to navigate the nuances of global trade seamlessly. Enhance your understanding of trade documents and their role in international trade—connect with us to schedule your personalized training session and empower your team today.

Star USA Live Training - Forced Labor

Forced Labor

Forced Labor

Dive into practical insights, from recognizing red flags to implementing effective compliance strategies. Our seasoned experts navigate the intricate landscape of forced labor regulations, ensuring your team is equipped to uphold ethical sourcing practices. Enhance your commitment to responsible business—connect with us to schedule your tailored training session today.

Star USA Live Training - And Many More

And Many More

And Many More

Explore a wide array of additional training topics tailored to your industry needs and regulatory requirements with Star USA.

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Elevate your team's expertise with Star USA—the unmatched choice for live training in international trade compliance.

Comprehensive Expertise: Our training is not industry-restricted, providing comprehensive insights for diverse businesses navigating the complexities of international trade compliance.

Tailored Learning Experiences: Benefit from customized training solutions crafted to address your organization's unique challenges and objectives in the realm of international trade.

Regulatory Mastery: Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth insights into the latest trade regulations, ensuring your business remains both compliant and competitive in the ever-evolving global market.

Empower your team and equip them with the knowledge and skills essential for excellence in international trade compliance for both import and export. Choose Star USA.


"Working with StarUSA has been an enriching experience for our business. Thank you to Jo Harper for all of the practical examples which helped our staff navigate the complexities of export control. The StarUSA team was easy to work with and understood exactly what we needed."

Megan Schoonberg, VP of Risk, Smardt Inc.

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