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Becoming A Licensed Customs Broker - 2021
2022 HTS Updates
Incoterms® 2020 - Buying & Selling
CTPAT in 2021
USMCA Rules & Application
HTSUS Classification

International Trade Training Resources

Understanding and complying with complex international regulations can be arduous and time-consuming. On the flip side, penalties for getting it wrong can be steep. Whether you need assistance with a very specific international trade compliance & customs issue or just want to streamline your supply chain processes, our team at Star USA has both free and paid international trade training resources to assist you.

Star USA's free international trade training resources can help answer basic questions about these regulations, programs, and processes. Clients have the benefit of our individualized solutions tailored specifically to address their organization's unique structure, resources, and goals.

Among our complimentary international trade training resources:

  • Becoming a Licensed Customs Broker Webinar. This webinar provides resources, tooling, and know-how for anyone looking to advance their career and become a licensed customs broker.
  • 2022 HTS Updates. The Harmonized System (HS) is used by more than 180 countries and in roughly 98 percent of all global trade. It's updated every 5 years by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to keep pace with the latest conventions, technologies, and trade practices. Our team helps clients stay informed and ahead of the curve.
  • INCOTERMS 2020. As explained by the International Trade Administration, Incoterms are a set of internationally-recognized rules that define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers in export transitions. Made of nearly a dozen rules issued by the International Chamber of Commerce, Incoterms specify who's responsible for paying & managing shipments, insurance, documentation, customs clearance, and other logistical tasks. We offer INCOTERMS Rules 2020 slides, Star USA INCOTERMS Guide, and the INCOTERMS Free Webinar.
  • CTPAT in 2021 Webinar. The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a supply chain security & logistics program led by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that's aimed at protecting private companies engaged in international trade. Membership is voluntary, but it's widely recognized as the industry standard.
  • USMCA Rules & Application. We break down the methods & practices necessary for clients to stay knowledgeable and in compliance with the US-Canada-Mexico Free Trade Agreement.
  • HTSUS Classification. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S. is a key resource in ascertaining tariff classification for goods imported to the U.S. Classification of goods can be tricky because a single product may have numerous parts and accessories that are all classified differently.