Free Trade Agreements

Unlocking USMCA and Other Free Trade Opportunities

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Strategic Free Trade

Join Star USA for a journey where strategic insights are the catalyst for a successful future in international trade. Our experts not only ensure compliance but also provide strategic insights to maximize benefits and enhance your competitive edge. As architects of success in the post-NAFTA era, especially in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), we transform the FTA landscape into a realm of opportunity. Compliance isn't just met; it's a stepping stone to your global triumph.

Market Expansion

Seize new markets by leveraging preferential tariffs through our FTA expertise.

Cost Savings

Harness FTA advantages for significant cost reductions, driving your competitiveness.


Navigate FTA regulations with ease, ensuring compliance for seamless international trade.

Areas We Help Clients with Free Trade Agreements


Ensure seamless compliance with USMCA regulations through streamlined documentation and efficient international transactions. Elevate your trade operations with our expert guidance.

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Bonded Warehousing & FTZs

Enhance cost savings through strategically managed bonded warehousing solutions, mitigating duties and taxes.

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Country of Origin

Clarifying the intricacies of determining product origin, our experts assist in meticulous country of origin determinations, ensuring accuracy and compliance with international trade regulations.

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FTA Audit

Maintain FTA compliance with tailored audits, ensuring ongoing adherence to regulations and safeguarding your international trade operations.

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FTA Documentation

Ensure FTA compliance and maximize benefits through enhanced documentation accuracy, fostering seamless international trade operations.

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FTA Eligibility Analysis

Optimize eligibility processes for Free Trade Agreements, securing benefits for your international transactions and ensuring compliance with trade regulations.

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Supplier Engagement

Foster free trade collaboration by engaging with suppliers, streamlining documentation processes, and ensuring seamless international transactions.

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Tariff Optimization

Maximize duty savings by optimizing tariff schedules under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), ensuring cost-efficient international trade operations.

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Trade Agreements Act (TAA)

Seamlessly navigate TAA compliance in government contracts with Star. Maximize strategic advantage and operational efficiency.

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Navigate complex regulations of USMCA and other FTAs with ease. Empower your team with specialized training and best practices.

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Leveraging Free Trade Agreements

Boost your business with Star USA's FTA expertise. Beyond compliance, our guidance turns regulatory complexities into growth opportunities. As architects of success in international trade, we strategically position your business for prosperity and leverage regulations to become a catalyst for unlocking success in the global market. Embrace a future where compliance is a stepping stone to unmatched prosperity, guided by Star USA.


Our Process

From analysis to action, our consulting process
turns insights into impactful strategies, driving
measurable results for your business.

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Ways We Help Our Clients


We provide expert guidance to navigate international trade regulations and optimize your operations.


Our end-to-end management ensures streamlined, cost-effective, and compliant global operations.


Empower your team with customized training to thrive in the global marketplace.

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Industries We Serve

Explore the diverse range of industries we support with our Free Trade Agreement expertise

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Your ROI, Our Priority: Proven Consulting Excellence

Concerned about the return on your consultation investment? You’re not alone. At Star USA, we’re driven by delivering real, measurable value. Our expertise isn’t just about offering recommendations; it’s about executing strategies that drive revenue growth, cost savings, and long-term success. We’re committed to helping you not only justify your investment but also propel your business to new heights, ensuring that our collaboration results in a positive impact on your bottom line.

Strategic Insight

Beyond imparting essential knowledge, our strategic insights become the cornerstone of your business's success in the global market. We specialize in turning regulatory intricacies into golden opportunities, providing your business with a competitive edge that goes beyond compliance. With Star USA as your guide, FTAs cease to be a mere regulatory landscape; they become a strategic pathway to unprecedented growth and success.

CTPAT Certification

Elevate your supply chain security with CTPAT Certification - safeguard your trade operations today!

Compliance Scorecard

Get a clear assessment of your trade compliance with our Scorecard - start optimizing your operations now!