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Free Trade Agreement Services Include


HTSUS & HTSCA Classification

We provide organizations with fully managed HTS Classification programs, whether broad scale, ad-hoc, or ongoing support for import, export, free trade agreements, and more. Our process includes industry expertise, professional opinions, CROSS Rulings, accurate recordkeeping, and system updates.

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Supplier Solicitation

 The Supplier Solicitation process helps companies in collecting details from suppliers prior to import of any goods. You may be able to achieve some duty tax benefits on importing goods if the government of importing country has a trade agreement with the government of the country of origin of goods.

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The Customs Valuation Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) sets out a fair, uniform and neutral system for determining the value of imported goods on which customs officials levy duties. This system bars the use of arbitrary or fictitious customs values.

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Product Qualification

Product Qualification is an integral part of the Free Trade Agreement process and should never be overlooked. Having proper qualification methods and recordkeeping can be the difference maker.

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Document Issuance

Issuing Free Trade Agreement Certificates requires certain processes and procedures to be in place. We'll define & implement those processes, and issue the documents for you.


Internal Audit

We help define and customize audit processes carried out internally by your staff or administered directly by our trained auditors.


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