Star USA is a proud member of the CTPAT Program

The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary program aimed at securing the international supply chain and trade community in cooperation with US CBP.

This prestigious recognition of our security program demonstrates our commitment to maintaining and managing the highest security standards, procedures, and processes throughout our business operations. It further demonstrates our support for the security of our borders and the international trade community. This commitment fully extends to all employees of Star USA as well as to all our clients in an effort to create a secure trade environment.

As part of the CTPAT program, Star USA understands and demonstrates the importance of protecting the supply chain from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, human smuggling, and illegal contraband. As a customs broker, Star USA is dedicated to improving the trade community by helping our clients achieve and maintain CTPAT compliance. Star USA aims to ensure that all cargo handled by our clients is properly secured and managed according to CTPAT requirements.

Star USA, as well as all of our business partners involved in the international supply chain, implement the CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) in daily practice to enhance supply chain security.

Star USA ensures business partners demonstrate a commitment to meeting the security requirements appropriate to their business. We also helps our clients conduct join and maintain their membership with the CTPAT Program through the administration of risk assessments, training and education on the CTPAT MSC, and pro-active guidance and support throughout the program’s implementation.

The Benefits Of Participation In CTPAT Include:

  • Eligibility to participate in the Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA) and removal from audit pools
  • Participation in Customs' new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)
  • FAST program on the US/Canada and US/Mexico borders
  • A reduced number of inspections (reduced border times)
  • An assigned account manager
  • Access to the CTPAT membership list
  • Additional Benefits
  • Brand protection
  • Competitive advantage
  • Supply chain effectiveness
  • Policy & Procedure development
  • Cross benefit with internal strategic initiatives
    • Loss Prevention
    • Risk Management
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • More competitive
  • Facilitates global trade

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Members Of CTPAT Can Avoid The Possibility Of:

  • Greater scrutiny of cargo
  • Added examinations
  • Requests for information
  • No guarantees for cargo processing times
  • Increased reviews and audits

If your company is not a member of CTPAT, contact us for further information on becoming a member of the beneficial program.

No matter the case, it is critical to have security procedures in place at the point of loading to inspect, properly seal, and maintain the integrity of truck trailers and shipping containers.

The seals on trailers and containers must meet or exceed current ISO PAS 17712 standards for high-security seals. Procedures must in place to report compromised seals or to account for seals that necessitate removal and replacement with a new seal in transit. Additional information on seals can be found here.

For more Information on CTPAT, please visit CBP's website.