OFAC: “Introduction to OFAC” Web Series

The “Introduction to OFAC” web series is a series of short videos created to provide viewers with a high-level introduction on the fundamentals of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and U.S. sanctions implementation. Read More

Summer 2023 Panel

Get Some Tips:  Tune in to our panel of experts and gain some insight on international trade and business opportunities. Touch base with specialists in trade and transportation law, business development, trade finance, and trade compliance management. Joining us are:…

Federal Reserve: Announced Enforcement Actions

The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced two enforcement actions against Deutsche Bank AG, its New York branch, and other U.S. affiliates. Read More

National Law Review: The U.S. Adopted a New Sanctions Strategy

Since the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. has adopted a new, more aggressive sanctions strategy, increasingly going after parties who enable sanctioned businesses and individuals to conduct business and shield their wealth. Read More

EU: European Commission Publish Guidance for Operators

The EU published guidance for operators’ due diligence against Russia sanctions circumvention. There’s 11 pages of risk review and mitigation measures that are great practices. Read More

CBP: Seized Unpermitted Wildlife Products

CBP seized two shipments, one of taxidermized birds, the other of horned mammal skulls. CBP officers detained both shipments and consulted with inspectors from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) who advised CBP that the wildlife products violated U.S.…

WTO: Press Release

CBP: Published the quarterly IRS Interest Rates

CBP has published the quarterly IRS interest rates used to calculate interest for underpayments and overpayments of customs duties. Read More

BIS: Chemical Weapons Convention Regulations Update

The BIS published a final rule amending the Chemical Weapons Convention Regulations (CWCR) to reduce the concentration threshold level for mixtures containing a Schedule 2A chemical. Read More

Routed Export 2023

Know Your Role:  A routed export transaction (RET) occurs when the foreign buyer of the goods contracts with a freight forwarder or other agent to export the merchandise from the United States. In this webinar we’ll explain the differences between…


The EPA has proposed significant new use rules (SNURs) under TSCA for certain chemical substances. Read More

COVID Product Section 301 Exclusions Extended

The COVID Product Exclusions for Section 301 duties are being extended through 5/31/2023 for 81 items, and extended through 9/30/2023 for 77 items. The HTS to be used from 6/1/2023 – 9/30/2023 is 9903.88.68. Read More