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Star USA’s international trade training courses put clients in the driver’s seat and keep them ahead of the curve. Rules and regulations governing global supply chains are inherently complex and notoriously tough to navigate. Trust our team to cut to the chase and equip you with the exact tools needed for competitive success in your industry and target markets.
Challenging, comprehensive courses designed to prepare clients for the real-world intricacies of international trade compliance.
Choose only the courses and consultation services you need, with instruction and support from experienced, highly-skilled trade experts.

Star USA International Trade Training Courses

Individualized instruction & evidence-based education from international trade experts invested in your success.


Streamline internal Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) processes for optimal efficiency in trade reporting of imports & exports for government admissibility assessments and determinations.


Antidumping and Countervailing duties tacked on by the U.S. CBP discourage demand for import-sensitive products. Learn more about importer obligations and options for AD/CVD.


U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) training is the industry standard for ensuring supply chain security. Successful CTPAT certification, implementation, and maintenance is key.

Customs Broker Exam Prep Course

Star USA’s Customs Broker Exam Prep Course readies your team for the notoriously rigorous CBLE test, imparting in-depth knowledge of U.S. Customs-related laws, regulations, procedures, bookkeeping, accounting & more.


Robust international trade compliance programs are proactive, running a tight ship when it comes to import & export documentation. Star USA helps your team steer clear of common documentation errors and set sail for success.

Duty Drawback

Dive into a concise breakdown of duty drawback eligibility and maximization of benefits under the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2015.

ECCN Determination

Export licensing requirements are determined by the 5-character Export Control Classification Number specifying commodity type & technical parameters on the Commerce Control List. Star USA offers strategic guidance on license determinations and applications.

Export Licensing

Proper export licensing is mission critical - and the onus of due diligence is on exporters to identify product end use & licensing requirements. Star USA teaches your team how to navigate the process and keep pace with evolving regulations.

Free Trade Agreements

Ensure compliance with the USMCA and U.S. CPB regulations with Star USA’s free trade agreements course. Instruction covers rules of origination, recordkeeping, legal obligations, and more.

Import & Export Procedures

Establishing airtight compliance in import & export procedures is elemental to global success. Star USA helps teams identify import/export priorities, avoid pitfalls, and procure key resources.

Importer 101

Star USA provides all the tools needed to kickstart your import operations, including: Document setup, broker selection, bond registration, sustainable compliance resources & more.


Learn the intricacies of INCOTERMS© 2020 rules for international transactions, including applications and limits, landing cost impacts, risk avoidance, and benefits in procurement, purchasing, customer service, and sales.

Product Classification

Efficient trade compliance and management requires accurate, timely product classification. Star USA offers company-specific insight, training, and support to help your team get it right.

Routed Export

A routed export transaction (RET) is when foreign goods buyers contract with a freight forwarder/other agent to export U.S. merchandise. Star USA teaches routed vs. standard export differences, organization responsibilities, and risk avoidance.

Sanctions & Embargoes

Star USA offers an overview of Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations (key provisions, targets, and practical applications), economic sanctions for non-compliance, red flag recognition, and violation avoidance.

Tariff Classification

Accurate import tariff classification is tricky when parts & accessories can be categorized differently. Learn the ins & outs of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) to maintain proper import records, avoid fines, and keep your supply chain moving.

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Master International Trade Management to Minimize Risk, Maximize Potential

international trade training
Star USA is proud to provide the highest quality international trade education to clients of all industries, operations, and sizes. Our coursework prioritizes:
Practical Skills.

We focus on the fundamentals and functional skills specific to your operation.


Earn CCS/CES credits from the NCBFAA Institute by completing certain Star USA courses.

Problem prevention.

Well-trained teams are less error-prone and better equipped to respond promptly and properly to unexpected challenges.

Preeminent expertise.

Star USA’s international trade experts are leading authorities on trade compliance, customs brokerage, and supply chain security.



Star helped us streamline operations while also realizing cost savings in key areas we hadn't identified. Great firm.

Mike S.
Logistics Manager

Star's training is the most comprehensive in the industry, and helped me get my Broker's license. Very happy!

Debbie R.
Compliance Manager, North America

Great compliance resource. Highly recommend.

John R.
Logistics Director

The professionals at Star are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their organization.

Laura F.
Director of Global Logistics & Compliance

Our goods just keep moving through customs without issue - your organization continues to impress. Thank you!!!

Ray H.
VP of Supply Chain

Star USA in an excellent resource for anyone that moves goods internationally or is looking to penetrate the global market. I'd recommend them to any of our partners.

Jay A.
Director of Logistics

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