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Maximize your opportunities with Star USA training

As a global leader in compliance consulting and education, Star provides single source comprehensive risk management, import and export compliance and training solutions.

Online or in-person, our courses give you the skills and knowledge you need to build a competitive career in international business.

Star USA offers a broad range of customized training options including:
  • Importing Procedures
  • International Logistics
  • Tariff Classification
  • USMCA & other Free Trade Agreements
  • INCOTERMS® 2020 Rules
  • INCOTERMS® 2020 Strategies
  • Automotive Tariff
  • Automotive NAFTA / USMCA
  • Country of Origin
  • Exporting Procedures
  • EAR
  • ITAR
  • Exports to Canada & Mexico
  • Export Licensing
  • Sanctions & Embargoes
  • Duty Drawback
  • Managing International Compliance Programs

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Student activity records are stored and available on your dashboard allowing 24/7 access to review status and provide detailed reporting.



All tests are specially designed to retain knowledge AND reinforce the course content for maximum learning.



CCS/CES credits through the NCBFAA Institute are available for the majority of our training courses.



Each student who successfully completes a training course receives an official Star USA Training Certificate.

Product Spotlight



Couldn't have passed the Broker's exam without them.

Jen R.
Logistics Manager

Star's training is the most comprehensive in the industry, and helped me get my Broker's license. Very happy!

Debbie R.
Compliance Manager, North America

Good training resource and very happy with the materials. 

Pam K.
Compliance Manager

I had my entire trade compliance team trained by Star. It was a very good decision and the results are obvious.

Laura F.
Director of Global Logistics & Compliance

Very impressed with Star's training.

Tom S.
VP of Supply Chain
Customs broker exams course

The Customs Broker Exam Prep Course

As quickly as the regulations regarding shipments are changing, so is the way people are doing business. It is clear that transactions regarding shipments and customs clearance procedures are being migrated online.

Our course provides the firepower you need to pass the broker's exam and help your company navigate the complex world of International Trade.

Broker Course Highlights

  • Course administered by industry expert licensed Customs Brokers
  • Organized course schedule with a successful and time-tested format
  • Comprehensive practice test, structured like the official CBP exam
  • Unlimited access to online versions of previous Customs Broker Exams
  • Thorough study guide to help you through the course
  • Masterfully designed quick reference guide to use on exam day
  • On-demand webinars
  • Expert materials help you swiftly learn & understand tariff and customs regulations
  • Over 1500 pages of detailed course material
  • 4000+ previous exam questions compiled into an easy-to-use format
  • Personalized support and messaging at your convenience
  • Track record that shows 23+ years of proven success

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CTPAT Training Series

Of the MSC changes introduced in 2020, one of the most impactful is the requirement for training employees every year, and that new employees must receive CTPAT training as part of their onboarding. Star USA's CTPAT training courses are divided into digestible lessons that allow for comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and include a final exam which reinforces knowledge and provides the learner with a Certificate of Completion.

This CTPAT series provides an overview of the program and is intended to be used by organizations that have requirements to comply with the CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria. The unique subject matter allows you to target different members of your organization with content relevant to their role. This training series is recommended for current CTPAT members.

Series Features

On Demand Learning
Certificate of Completion
NCBFAA & CEU Credits
Under 1 hour
120-Day Access
Flexible compliance education, anywhere, anytime

This Training Series Will Benefit

Shipping & receiving personnel
Office personnel
New employees at CTPAT Certified organizations
Existing employees annual training requirements for CTPAT Certified organizations
CTPAT Stakeholders

General CTPAT Security Awareness


Session Details

Ideal for:
All Employees, New Employee Onboarding, Non-Certified Partners
Under 1 hr.
1 NCBFAA or CEU Credit

Topics Covered

Container, Conveyance, & Procedural Security


Session Details

Ideal for:
Shipping & receiving personnel, drivers, non-certified partners
Under 1 hr.
1 NCBFAA or CEU Credit

Topics Covered

CTPAT Program Management


Session Details

Ideal for:

CTPAT Key Stakeholder, Other principal stakeholders, Management
Under 1 hr.
1 NCBFAA or CEU Credit

Topics Covered

Managing a CTPAT Program
Validations & Revalidations

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