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By train@starusa.org | November 18, 2022

Should you come forward?  Mistakes happen! Luckily, you’ve got methods for mitigating the company’s liabilities. We’ll explore the myriad of disclosure types available and help…

Incoterms® 2020 (in 2022)

By train@starusa.org | November 3, 2022

Expert guidance, tips, and access to decision making resources.  Incoterms® were developed by the ICC in 1921 and have since proven to be an indispensable…

Internal Compliance Program Training

By train@starusa.org | October 7, 2022

Reinforcing risk areas and developing the right resources Maintaining an effective internal compliance program (ICP) is of paramount importance to ensure your organization avoids costly…

ACE 101 (2022)

By train@starusa.org | August 18, 2022

Your glimpse into the largest single trade window. The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is the system through which the trade community reports imports and exports…


By train@starusa.org | July 28, 2022

Why, How, and How Much CTPAT is the new normal and an industry standard. Changes to the minimum-security criteria (MSC) in 2020, remote validations, and…

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Import & Export Disclosures in International Trade

By Nic Arters | February 16, 2021

Disclosing your mistakes on Imports & Exports Errors made while transporting goods to and from the United States may give rise to substantial monetary penalties under Customs laws. These penalties, however, may be avoided or reduced by filing the proper…

HTSUS Classification

By Melissa Merkle | November 16, 2020

Your Guide to Classify Goods for Customs The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) is the primary resource for determining tariff classifications for goods imported into the United States.  Classifying your goods can be tricky because parts and…


By starcms | June 16, 2020

Maximize Your Market Advantage with the New INCOTERMS® Rules This webinar provides insight on using the Incoterms® rules in your International Supply Chain. Topics Include Applications and limitations of the Incoterms® rules Advantages for purchasing & procurement Advantages for sales…


By Nic Arters | April 18, 2020

Prepare Your Organization By Getting Answers To Some Of The Important Questions: What are the key differences between NAFTA and USMCA? When does the USMCA agreement take effect? How long is my current NAFTA Certificate valid? What should I be…