international trade compliance scorecard

The International Trade Compliance Scorecard is a straightforward way to get a baseline of current operations and track progress on compliance improvements over time.

Successful businesses recognize a truly integrated and effective international trade compliance strategy creates a significant supply chain advantage. Well-organized compliance plans help ensure goods move swiftly across borders and into consumer hands. As trade rules and regulations become increasingly complex, so too have the consequences of non-compliance grown more substantial - from shipment delays to product spoilage to financial penalties to criminal sanctions. The International Trade Compliance Scorecard helps businesses check their processes to ensure alignment with current best practices.

International trade compliance is critical to your competitive advantage.

Boost Resilience & Capture Value

Star USA’s International Trade Compliance Scorecard supports a comprehensive, transparent regulatory strategy with numerical ratings and unique tracking methods that follow 19 unique zones of compliance risk.


unique zones of compliance risk

International Trade Compliance Scorecard Benefits

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Risk Assessment

Review manufacturing, supply & distribution for risk exposure & recent trade rule changes.


Identify Opportunities

Document potential opportunities for risk mitigation and gaining competitive advantage.


Build flexibility

Preemptively take low-cost actions that create flexibility & agility in dynamic trade environments.

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-Mike S, Logistics manager
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Why Does International Trade Compliance Matter?

Ever-increasing regulatory pressures and changes make transparent compliance controls mission-critical.

A good trade compliance plan:

  • Slashes the risk of harsh penalties.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction by sidestepping costly delays.
  • Saves time & money by avoiding inspections, seizures, fines & more.